Friday, March 25, 2011

Chase's 4th Birthday Party, Arnold's Family fun Center Oaks PA

I got a call from a friend a couple weeks back asking to shoot his son Chase's 4th birthday party at a cool spot called Arnold's Family Fun Center in Oaks, PA. I worked at this location for a company many years ago when it was rented as a warehouse. Our newly appointed boss at the time (looking to gain acceptance) let us juvenile delinquents drive around the Nissan forklift like raging maniacs. Black tire marks plastered the floor of this place. The very first time I visited Arnold's Family Fun Center, just Go-karts back then...the track was laid out almost exact to the black marks we left there. True story. Check out some pics from Chase's celebration...

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  1. Oh! I have been here, it is a very nice place. You definitely chose a great place for the party. I have finalized a convention center for my daughter’s birthday and I will be getting a cake just like this for her. I have invited all the relatives and I can’t wait for this get together.