Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Year, New Life Part Deux - The Davis Family 1-15-12

Is there something in the water around here? Seems everyone is having a baby these days...

Last weekend I had the delight to photograph the beautiful Davis family who are expecting a boy in March. The mother-to-be Danielle, is a stepmom to a handsome little devil Andrew so she already has the momma-skills and he cannot disguise the fact that he's excited to play the role of big brother.

The day started off with pictures at their house since winter and the freezing cold decided to finally make their presence be known. Danielle and AJ (father-to-be) have VERY LARGE dogs. I work with Danielle's mother and was warned ahead of time, though I didn't think much of it. Ok, big dogs...I've seen big dogs before. When I arrived at their house and knocked on the door...two HORSES answered, their heads peering well over the window and I must admit I was taken aback. Scared? Hmmm maybe just a little. Turns out, Thumper and Hula are giant teddy bears and nothing to be afraid of...unless of course, you are scared of drool! haha They even made their way into some of the pictures.

After some pics at the Davis's lovely home, we headed 10 minutes down the road to Danielle's uncle's house and farm. They wanted pictures there because it is where Danielle and AJ got married. I, for one, am a big fan of meaningful locations and despite the COLD, I think we were all excited about shooting on the farm. We lasted about 20 minutes out there, enough time for us to get some pics before tingly fingers and thighs kicked know that feeling...the feeling right before frostbite sets in?!?! Thanks Danielle and AJ for braving the cold. I don't blame you if you look cold in some of the pictures, it was 20 degrees out there!

I had a lot of fun spending the day with the Davis family and I wish them all the best on the expansion of their family. Maybe in the spring we can go back to that gorgeous farm for newborn pics? :-)

On with some pics...

~Stay Classy Parents

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