Wednesday, March 7, 2012

That Stinks 3-4-12

Something new, something creative, something to photograph... something to execute.

The above line states what brings my photography joy as of late. I don't want to be stagnant, I want to try new things, learn and grow. So I was excited when a close friend, Nick, reached out inquiring about a few product shots of some air fresheners to be used on a website to promote. Although he has a scent similar to one of those small trees you hang in your car (joke, maybe), he is not an air freshener pusher. Just one side project/endeavor of many.

Nick had no concepts or ideas for this shoot. When asked, he replied: "I don't  know, that's your bag." Fair enough, creative freedom! I knew I wanted to take some clean, straight-up product shots but was looking for something else, something associated with air fresheners. Hmmm... STENCH! I immediately texted him (that's what you do anymore) and told him to bring dry ice. My idea was to create "Stench" around the air fresheners.

I turned my kitchen into a small studio for the night. Nick himself and another very close friend, Gary, helped out greatly on this project. They not only assisted on the photography side but also on the creative side. Being that they are two of my closest friends, we had a lot of fun hanging out and executing stench visually. Each shoot my goal is to not only come out with decent shots, but also learn.

"Knowing how to do everything is not the goal. Knowing that you can learn is everything."
-Scott, assistant to photographer Chase Jarvis

Enough motivational speech for now, on with some pics...
*No toilets were harmed in the making of the following photos*

My favorite pic of the stench on the left. Dry Ice in the toilet with a flash (gelled green) fired at the vapors from above. Team effort - We found out you have to move pretty fast when using dry ice.

Stay Fresh, Stay Classy


  1. Nicely composed shots. In my opinion they look like they're made for say, magazine ads which I'm sure they're supposed to. Like the green dry ice shot too. Fun!

    1. Thanks D! Product shots are fairly new to me, made for magazine ads... I'll take that compliment any day! Thanks for all your comments and feedback.