Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CSP#01 - Bobbi-Jo, Safe & Secure 3-31-12

I'm rather excited to blog this evening because this post officially kicks off my Community Service Project (CSP)! The goal of this ongoing project is to spotlight an individual who provides a valuable and notable service within our community. It doesn't stop at firemen and police officers though, this is open (please, feel free to inquire if interested) to all services from an auto mechanic to a pizza shop owner and everything in between. I believe just because someone is not putting their life on the line doesn't mean they aren't providing a respected and appreciated service.

This project is not designed to promote a business. The pictures are free and yours at the end of the day to do so if you wish, but I'm after capturing the character of the person in their element of service.

First person to respond was an old friend from high school Art class, Bobbi-Jo. Bobbi-Jo told me she was a floating security guard and she seemed a perfect fit for this project. I can't believe it's been 16 years since I've seen Bobbi-Jo but she is still the same genuine, super friendly Bobbi-Jo I remember! ...Only now she packs guns, handcuffs, a taser and who knows what else. In short - do NOT mess with this gal.

We touched base and discussed some ideas and a good time for the shoot. I got to hand it to Bobbi-Jo on this one, she came up with both locations for this shoot. We started at a school (they need security these days) and then headed to the offices of her step-father's company. My girlfriend Jess came along to the school to help out, see what I do and take some shots herself. Both very cool locations! Special thanks to her step-father for allowing us to shoot there.

It was really great to see Bobbi-Jo, catch up a bit and get this project in motion. She did a great job and I'm not just saying that because she has a permit to carry. Haha! Bobbi-Jo, hope to see you again before our 20-year reunion, thank you very much for your participation!

On with some pics...

• Stay Safe
• Stay Secure
• Stay Classy


  1. AMAZING!!!!! Great job u two...the pics are fabulous!!

  2. Bobbi Jo looks exactly the same! Great job!