Monday, November 12, 2012

Meyer Family Portraits – Wyomissing Park 11-3-12

Last weekend I got some to catch up with some good friends and capture their lovable and precious family again. Meet the Meyer family. They have graced the blog a couple times before and they are always a joy to hang out with. Not only that, they know how to act natural in front of the camera. Even when their daughter,"Smalls" needed a break to snack, she was still playful towards my camera.

I've known the Meyer's for a few years now and have watched them take the plunge into parenthood. Deanna and Chris are not only amazing people but also wonderful parents. I first photographed "Smalls" when she was just 9 months old, that post almost an exact year ago can be seen here. "Smalls" wasn't running around yet then and it's fun for me to see her growth through imagery. How things change in a year!

Sandy caused a little mayhem on the original location of this year's shoot so we returned to Wyomissing Park, which had plenty to offer us again.

Chris and Deanna thanks again for allowing me to spend the day with your family and run around capturing moments. It's always such a pleasure to see you guys and catch up! Hope to see you soon.

On with some pics...

~Stay Classy Meyer Family

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