Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chris & Steph - A Valley Green Engagement Session

Valley Green is a beautiful place that I used to frequent quite often to hike, mountain bike and just enjoy nature in all of its glory. So I was delighted when Chris and Steph wanted to have their engagement shoot there! Besides being a special place for its natural beauty, it holds a special place in Chris and Steph's hearts because it's where Chris proposed to his love.

I've know Chris for many years. And many years had passed since I last saw or talked to him. We attended the same high school for a couple of years and at first, we just knew each other through a large circle of friends. One of my fondest teenage memories was within this circle of friends: "Volleyball Tuesdays and Thursdays" in the park behind my parents' house. At the height of our "careers", 30 people would gather and wait their turn to get into some pretty competitive all-out matches and just catch up with each other. It makes me wonder, do kids even do things like that anymore? Do mall rats still exist? Or are kids consumed in Xbox, Facebook, or just enamored by whatever technology they carry in their pocket?

Sorry, got off track there. 

I was excited when Chris called about the possibility of shooting his wedding, but more than that, I was  happy that he had met the special person with whom he wanted to share the rest of his life. Chris is about as genuine as they come and when I met Steph, I knew they were a perfect match. As a couple, they are kind to each other, friendly to everyone around them, and you can't help but become friends. But most of is clear, they enjoy each other.

I want to take a moment to thank my fiancé Jessica for joining us and shooting again. She continues to amaze me with the images that come out of her camera, her direction during a shoot, and her desire to capture the essence of the couple. She inspires me and I love that photography is a passion that we have to share together!

Chris and Steph, can't wait for your wedding! On with some pics...

This man pictured above just about followed us down to the creek and started doing 
some form of Yoga on the rocks...right behind where we were shooting Chris and Steph. 

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