Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beth's Big Day, Rosemont College 5-12-12

This past Saturday was a gorgeous and perfect spring day for a grand celebration...
Beth graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts from Rosemont College!

I know Beth from our high school days, mutual friends, and we are currently friends on facebook. (surprise!) She contacted me at the end of March inquiring about photographing a big accomplishment, graduating from college.

She explained to me that it was a big deal for numerous reasons: That it was her first accomplishment in life not attached to anyone's name but her own; she had a son in her teenage years and informed me that statistically less than 1% of teen mom's graduate college in America; That he, Talon, would be off to college in a couple years; that her parents and family are very important to her... she wanted pictures she could cherish forever. Geeez, pressure Beth? :-)

I arrived an hour or so before the ceremony and must say the grounds at Rosemont are absolutely gorgeous. I was so happy that we had a perfect day and even more excited that it was an outside ceremony. When Beth inquired she gave me a short list of key pictures she wanted, but my goal was to tell the story of her big day. After all she contacted me because she didn't want four generic pictures from the hired event photographers. Speaking of event photographers, Beth told the hired photographers (after exiting the stage), "Uhm, I have my OWN photographer." I couldn't help but laugh while literally fighting through them to get the shot.

Beth, congrats on your fantastic accomplishment! I know you worked hard to get there and while the odds may have been statistically stacked against you, you did it! I was honored to share and document your graduation, I wish you all the best!

On with some pics...

The ceremony took place in the field behind Connelly Hall pictured on the right.

Not going to lie: As the grads walked out I felt a little pressure to find Beth 
among all those caps and gowns...luckily I spotted her before she walked by!

Beth's son, Talon, in the crowd being very attentive. 

After the ceremony I wanted to get some solo pics of Beth. I wanted to do some hokie Grad pics but Beth wanted to get the cap and gown off. We did still shoot around campus for 15 minutes or so.

~Stay Classy Grads