Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Eason Boys - Ayden & Jaxon 6-25-11

Photography has brought many opportunities my way as of late and for that I am extremely grateful. Not only do I get to practice my passion, it has also allowed me to reconnect with friends...

A couple weeks back a dear old friend Shannon facebook'd me inquiring about pictures of her boys and a couple family shots. I had to pick up the phone on this one - I have known Shannon for 10+ years and for a few of those years, we worked directly across from each other.

Shannon has an awesome husband Derek and 2 boys, Ayden who is 2 years 8 months and Jaxon who is just 8 months old. The last time I had seen Shannon was before she had Ayden almost 3 years ago! I had so much FUN chasing Ayden around their fun-filled backyard. He is a HAM in action. Check out the hair this kid rocks, can you say adorable?!?!

Speaking of adorable...I awww'd out loud when Shannon brought Jaxon out from his nap. Big baby eyes and big baby cheeks, what more could a camera ask for?

Shannon, it was really great to see you!  You seem so happy and that makes me happy. It always warms me to see someone I haven't seen in years and to feel like no time has passed. No small talk or dry conversation, no if we picked up where we left off.

Hope to see you again soon!

Some pics from the shoot...

Ayden rocks the long hair....just like his daddy. 

Ayden giving Jaxon some brotherly love...too cute.

Jaxon - I warned you...big baby eyes and big baby cheeks!

It was a pleasure to spend the day with the Eason family. You are truly blessed!

-Stay Classy Friends

Monday, June 20, 2011

Valley Forge Love, Chuck and Eileen 6-19-11

Over the last year photography has really opened my eyes, passions and heart to things in a new and different perspective. This weekend was no exception - I witnessed and captured two people, truly in love... through the lens of my camera.  

Chuck and Eileen wanted to get their engagement (or should I say, look everyone WE ARE IN LOVE!!!) pictures at a place special to them, Valley Forge park. Ironically like the last Valley Forge blogpost, Chuck proposed to Eileen at Valley Forge Park. Even more Ironic? On the SAME EXACT hill. As mentioned in previous posts, I do not get tired of this place!!!! 

We met up at the Chapel Sunday evening about 5:00 pm. When I had first met Chuck and Eileen to discuss photographing their wedding, I knew they were a special couple. As they walked toward me on this day they exuded happiness, enjoyment in each other, and all around love. I was excited to photograph them!

They were naturals in front of the camera. 
Once these two lovebirds locked lips, there was no stopping them and I didn't. 
I just kept clicking....

Chuck and Eileen, I look forward to witnessing and capturing more love on your wedding day!

~Stay Classy

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Coming Soon...Baby G! 6-5-11

I must say I really enjoy photography (duh) and the opportunity to shoot new, creative and fascinating things. A first time for everything...this was my first maternity shoot. Another first? -The child that Megan G and her husband Tom are expecting. Megan G is a coworker and friend of mine, and when I found out she was pregnant I anxiously asked her if she would be interested in new born shots when the baby arrived. At the time I had just really gotten into photography and was excited that she might agree to it. After she agreed, I threw out the idea of maternity shots as well. 

They both wanted to shoot at a place I am somewhat familiar with, Valley Forge. It's special to them because Tom proposed to Megan there. It's a beautiful place and I really don't ever get tired of shooting there. We met Sunday afternoon, assisting me was my lovely lady Maria who has recently taken an interest in photography as well. Not only did she do an awesome job assisting with lighting, she took some great shots (see below)!

Megan photographed extremely well especially sporting "Pregglow". Don't worry Tom, you photograph well too but this was Megan's time to shine... after all she's been carrying that baby around for the last 8 months.  

I wish you both all the best with the gift God has given you!

Now, on with some shots...

The photo on the right was the spot where it all started...Tom proposed to Megan on that very hill.

If you notice these shots don't have tompappa on them...
Maria snapped these shots and if I were her I would be quite proud of them. I am! 

Stay Classy