Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chuck & Eileen - Welkinweir Estate Wedding 9-24-11

This past weekend I had the honor to photograph Chuck and Eileen's wedding at Welkinweir Estate in Pottstown, PA. The grounds at Welkinweir are absolutely gorgeous...the perfect setting for two people who are genuinely made for each other (of course, I am referring to you two newlyweds!) to proclaim their love to one another.

Chuck and Eileen are both very outdoorsy and originally planned on having their ceremony on the grounds but due to the threat of rain, decided it was best to move the day's events inside. Even though we saw little rain, it was a wise move and certainly didn't change the mood or spirit of anyone in attendance. The guest list was kept small in numbers but immense love and adoration poured out for this couple on their special day. 

Chuck and Eileen, thank you for allowing me to photograph your special day. Thank you even more for treating me as a guest and a friend. I wish you all the best!

Some pics from the big day...

~Stay Classy Lovers

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

KP Trio, Patriot Day Benefit Concert @World Cafe Live 9-11-11

On 9-11 I had the privilege of hearing and photographing a truly talented trio of musicians, The Krista Parrish Trio. This gal can PLAY the guitar and has vocals to match. I play a little guitar myself and must say I was amazed watching her play the song Mexico where she mixes drifting, picking and strumming with what looked like little effort. Go ahead, watch, you'll see. And vocals?  Check out a live performance of their hit song Easier Said then Done. And it's not all her either, her bandmates know what the hey they're doing as well. With Steve Murphy (Krista's husband) on bass and Michael Fazekas on drums the KP Trio was a force. I truly enjoyed it!

This was a benefit show, I believe formed by Krista and bandmates. Other acts included Graham Craig, Suzi Brown and Jen Chapin with all proceeds going to the Philadelphia Veteran's Multi-Service & Education Center, Inc to benefit local veterans. Great cause and great music!

On with some pics...

~Stay Classy

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jen S - Shedding Light on a Rainy Day 9-5-11

This past Monday, Labor Day, I had the pleasure to shoot a lovely model named Jen S. I know Jen through a place and sport I once dabbled in called Crossfit. Crossfit is for some serious badasses and turns out, I'm just not as tough as I think I am. Nope...but we'll save that story for another day. I had also heard through a mutual Crossfit friend that Jen was modeling and that I should contact her to see if she would be interested in working together.

Our original plan was to shoot at Valley Forge, somewhere quite familiar to me and scenic for such a lovely gal. As our day approached, rain (surprise!) was in the forecast and I still really wanted to shoot. She did as well. Thinking quick, I suggested a spot i've never shot at before but knew would keep us dry. We ended up shooting under a bridge that I thought might offer other possibilities as well, including train tracks and a dock next to the Schuylkill River.

Jen was an absolute pleasure to work with! She's not just a super camera-friendly girl either. She's incredibly down to earth and she shed some light on that rainy day. Hope to work with you again Jen.

On with some pics...

~Stay Classy

Saturday, September 10, 2011

CRAVEGIRL Clothing Test Shoot 9-4-11

About a month ago I answered a cragslist ad seeking fashion photography. I had been thinking for a while, that it might be a fun area to venture into and have kept my eyes open for any opportunities. I stumbled upon the ad and decided to go for it. I want to dip my feet into all areas of photography and see what I enjoy most. I'll pretty much shoot's good practice and I learn something new from every single shoot. There's always a challenge and the fun for me, is finding the solution.

I met with sisters Nafeesa and Saniyyah a couple weeks back to discuss the opportunity in further detail. The name of their clothing brand is CraveGirl and I Crave Vintage. These girls have amazing passion, vision and determination. We hit it off rather well and I was excited to work with them to see what might progress. "What Next?" asked Nafeesa and I suggested a test shoot. We shot in a schoolyard down the street from their place. I wanted a low key location because I figured four models, a couple directors, a makeup artist and a bunch of photog gear would surely stir up some attention and I didn't want to risk getting kicked out of somewhere.

The shoot was a ton of fun! I was really impressed with the girls professionalism and cooperation. They were a wonderful bunch to work with and I hope to work with them again in the near future. 

On with some pics...

During our initial meeting I brought up that I am a graphic designer by trade. The girls contacted me and asked if I could put together a double-sided postcard/business card quickly to hand out at a show in NY this sunday. Below is one example of the cards I gave them (front and back). I will be working on logos for them in the near future but this was a rush job and I wanted them to have something to hand out...

~Stay Classy Friends