Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Phamily Shoot at Valley Phorge 5-29-11

I mentioned in my last post that this past weekend was choc' full of fun, photos, food and 90 degree weather. I should also add FAMILY to that list. I had the utmost pleasure to photograph 2 awesome families this weekend! I was contacted through facebook by Julie (cousin of a previous client) inquiring about a family shoot at Valley Forge park. I've walked/hiked Valley Forge numerous times with camera in hand and never take it for granted. With it's bountiful history and beauty, Valley Forge is at the top of the list of my favorite places to photograph...seems I always find something new through the lens.

We met at the Arch at 10am on Sunday morning. Unbeknownst to me the family planned on wearing their Phillies gear for the shoot. Seemed only phitting that I too had on a Phillies shirt! Julie's 4-Year old son, Jack, was a HAM. Really cute kid and quite cooperative too. He really "cheesed" it up for the camera. Also on hand was Julie's husband, her brother and fiance, and their dog Brutus. They were a great gang to work with!

A peak at some of the photos...

That's jack leaning in on the tailend of a big "cheeeeeeeeeeeese". 

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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Family that Feeds the Photographer 5-28-11

Happy Holiday weekend everyone! 
Can you believe Memorial Day came and went already?

This weekend was choc' full of fun, photos, food and 90-degree weather. I had two family portrait sessions this weekend and both groups were awesome to work with! Saturday I went to a birthday party for my good friend Nancy's (see earlier post The Mitchell Boys) grandmother. I believe it was a let's celebrate being an awesome family party as well!!! I should mention again that I have known Nancy since the sixth grade. That's almost TWENTY years. Holy guacamole! I guess time flies when you're getting old. (I am of course referring to myself, not you Nancy). Nancy has just recently returned to the area so I got to meet her husband, Steffan, for the first time. I had heard a lot of good things about him and it was great to meet him. 

Besides getting a group shot of everyone they wanted me to grab some candid shots, relax and have a good time. So much so, that at one point Nancy's mom told me I was off the clock...to put my camera away, grab a beer, relax and join them for dinner. Uhhhm, twist my arm? Really no arm twisting required, you had me at dinner.

In all seriousness, it was an extremely nice gesture. I was hungry, the food was fantastic and they made me feel right at home. I really appreciated it. Thank you again. 

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Stay Classy

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PROM TIME - Liz & Oz 5-20-11

It's that time of year... the time that senior girls dream about since day one of walking into high school, SENIOR PROM TIME! I have known the Cardin family for quite some time and they are a great bunch. Let me repeat that - they are a GREAT bunch!!! Liz, the beautiful young girl shown below has some of the coolest parents around. They go above and beyond for their kids and their kids friends. If you are not friends with either Liz or Esther Cardin, I suggest you befriend them now!!! haha

I ran into Todd and Emily (her parents) at Acme months ago, we talked for quite some time and the conversation ended with them asking if I would be interested in photographing their daughter's prom.  But of course! Who was the lucky chap who accompanied Liz? Chris Oz is his name and he's one funny guy! They have been dating for a bit and they LIGHT UP around each other. Aren't they cute?

Liz & Oz, you guys looked fabulous! Hope you had a blast!

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Few Days in Taos, New Mexico

A little over a week ago, friday the 13th to be exact, my best friend Maria (who is also my girlfriend *smile*) and I set off on a 4-day journey to Taos, New Mexico. Maria has a friend Laura who lives there and I had heard numerous stories about how COOL Taos is. Maria and Laura were Penn State college roommates and after school Laura somehow found her way to Taos and has called it home ever since. Laura is an amazing artist and has a studio in town where she crafts beautiful pottery and paints. I really like Laura, she has a good and genuine spirit. You get that from her the moment you meet her. Her boyfriend, Marcus (whom I also really liked straight out of the gate), traveled 16 months and 46,000+ miles on a BMW Enduro motorcycle and documented it all with a camera. Check out fantastic photos from his unbelievable journey here.

Taos is choc full of art in many mediums, everything from photography to paintings to pottery to jewelry.
We had a fabulous time and met some interesting people along the way.

Thanks again Laura and Marcus for showing us around and opening your home to us...
Hope to see you soon!

Some photos from the trip:

We spent the first day in Santa Fe and met Chris Chavez, who was selling handmade Indian Jewelry.

On the right is the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge (in HDR). 650 ft above the Rio Grande, it's the 5th highest bridge in the US. The bridge shakes when a large vehicle drives over it. It's good to pack extra underwear.

Scene from the back porch of a restaurant where we had lunch. 

Couple portraits of Maria! The picture on the right was off-camera flash. YES, I lugged flashes and flash equipment across the country. (which got my suitcase searched on the way home) Maria has started learning photography herself and is super-talented already! She carried her camera with her everywhere on the trip and got some GREAT shots.

We ventured into Taos Pueblo one morning. It's the only living Native American Community. The multi-storied adobe buildings have been continuously inhabited for over 1000 years!

The very talented Laura in her studio doing her thing.

Marcus was a good sport, allowing us to take portraits as well. 
Credit to Maria for finding the space in the left photo. The light was excellent (she's got a good eye). 
And there's that off-camera flash again on the right.

Until Next Time,
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