Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Absinthesis – Stir Fry Music Festival 9-1-12

I absolutely admire people with passion and devotion, people that put their heart and soul into their art. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Jack Yang (aka The One-Man Wonder) is a prime example of the type of individual I am referring to. I have known Jack for 22 years! We don't see each other as often as we used to (or would like to) but when I went to photograph him at the Stir Fry Music Festival, he reminded me that he met me when I was just 12 years old. I was taken aback at that factual statement... CRAZY how fast life happens.

We met through my older brother and we met really because we all skateboarded. We were skaters, it's what we did, day in and day out. At the time I played the guitar (still do a little) and Jack had not yet picked it up. A couple years later he picked it up and never turned back. He was enamored with it the way I am with photography. Not just guitar either, he plays everything. And nowadays he's playing everything at once! It's a really neat thing to witness. He uses electric instruments, manually launched sequenced scenes, software synthesis and real-time composition. What the heck am I talking about? I don't know He's a One-Man Wonder! He changes instruments looping them while he plays, building up one dynamic experience.

Check out Jack's website for samples, a show schedule and get out to see this guy. If you appreciate music, you are sure to appreciate what he's throwing down.

Jack, we have stories that will last a lifetime. Your passion and what you are doing is original. You stay true to your art. You're not only one of my best friends but an inspiration to me. I ADMIRE YOU.

One more thing before we get on with the pics... Happy Birthday Jack!

One with some pics...

~Stay Classy Yang