Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Adelyn! 7-3-13

It seems like just yesterday that I photographed newborn Adelyn, but it's already been one whole year. It amazes me to look back at her newborn pictures and see how much she has grown, not only in size but also in personality. She smiled at me when I got there as if she remembered me, even though I know that's crazy talk. She's starting to run around like a wild child and I even witnessed her flirting with a little boy who came by during the shoot. Ha!

It also amazes me to see parents growing along with their child. Ryan and Shannon are fantastic parents and absolutely ADORE their little girl. They are all smiles around her. How could you not though? She's an angel!

Shannon had a concept shoot in mind, which I am always game for...especially when she came prepared with some awesome props she made. She wanted to do a cake smash with balloons and Adelyn wore her most beautiful favorite tutu. In some of the photos, you will see a chalkboard Shannon made with some of Adelyn's favorite pastimes, achievements, favorite foods and so on. Shannon has gotten a lot of attention from other moms and is entertaining the idea of custom-making them for anyone interested. If you think it's as awesome as I do and would like one, just shoot me an email and I'll put you two in contact.

We didn't know whether we were going to shoot inside or outside, so they had suggested Cisco Park. It's a beautiful little spot where Adelyn loves to get some fresh air, run around, and feed the ducks. I thought it was perfect and Adelyn was so comfortable in front of me and the camera. Well done Mom and Dad!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADELYN! Enjoy your official birthday cake now that you've had a little practice. :-)

On with some pics...

5 Days Old                                                                    1 Year Old

She was all smiles and wavy when a little boy came her way!

Proud Papa

How cool and crafty is this chalkboard? She'll make you one!

Face down! ...same way I like my cake!!!!