Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Newborn Adelyn Grace – 7-8-12

This past Sunday I met and photographed a tiny, 5-day old, perfect and ADORABLE baby named Adelyn Grace. Seriously this baby girl was flawless!!!! And how cute is that name?!? The proud father Ryan worked with me briefly at my day job and we have stayed in contact since. His wife Shannon (who gave birth at home I might add) was pregnant while he worked there and he had me on standby to take photos awaiting his precious little bundle to arrive...July 3, 2012 at 6:28 pm to be exact.

Just 5 days after birth I show up with a camera and flashes (don't worry, very low power) and start snapping away immediately. Adelyn seemed very comfortable and a breeze at first but became a little fussy midway through. Can you blame her though, again she was only 5 days old! Photographing newborns is not always an easy task. It's important to be patient and even more important that the baby be extremely comfortable. We almost called it a day but decided to turn the A/C off and after a trip or two outside with Daddy she was calm as calm could be.

Ryan it was great to see you again, catch up a bit and meet both of the special ladies in your life. Both you and Shannon have been blessed with a precious gift and I was honored to capture some of Adelyn's first moments for you. Congrats again to you and your family!

On with some pics...

~Stay Classy New Parents