Sunday, April 10, 2011

FLASH MOB (not that kind) - Old Abandoned Building

It was about a month ago that my friend Michael from M2 Photography asked me if I had known of any cool abandoned spots we could shoot at. Nothing came to me immediately... but then ...I recalled a spot I had passed numerous times on my bicycle. I had no idea how to drive there, whether or not we would get harassed there, or if it even possessed any real potential but I cool, calm and collectivity said, "Sure, I know a spot." (as if I had a list of awesome, abandon structures in my back pocket for years waiting for someone to ask)

We both have been very into off-camera flash lately... experimenting with different setups and building different light modifiers in our free time. So when we planned to go to this location, we were bringing it ALL. We had another friend and skilled shooter, Miguel Angel of Diamond Street Photography join us and he came equipped with his arsenal as well.

All together I'd say we had about 10 light stands, 6-7 flashes (with triggers to fire them), 4-5 umbrellas in every size imaginable, a nice sized softbox and probably 8 other things I'm forgetting.

What the heck were we shooting? A big THANKS to Michael's wife, Melissa (a fantastic photographer herself, and a fantastic model who allowed us to bombard her with flashes for a couple hours). Thanks Michael for sharing your model with us. My beautiful girlfriend Maria also stopped by later and modeled a couple shots. (just for me though, I don't share haha)

Sorry I cannot disclose the exact whereabouts of this place. I think it may become our new playground.
Ok enough rambling, on with some pics...

Photographer/Model - Melissa of M2 Photography

My beautiful girlfriend (and model) Maria, captured by just one flash.

Stay Classy


  1. You have some really nice shots here! Thanks for the shout outs.

  2. Classy indeed. The lighting is superb. Lighting is everything in art whether it's photography or painting...
    Nice b&w of Maria as well...

  3. Thanks guys! This place is AWESOME. There are shots i wanted to get...but missed b/c of the enthusiasm and group collaboration going on.

  4. Yo dude, sorry I havent gotten the chance to respond.. great work. My favorite is the 2nd one and the two with the poles. also the one with your girlfriend in B&W is killer! Great working with you too man and appreciate you getting me out of my shell. Hope to shoot with you guys some more!