Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Mitchell Boys 3-26-11

A friend that I have literally known forever, Nancy, called me last week (or facebook'd or text'd me? - that's how things are done nowadays people) asking if I would come and casually photograph her two boys, Ethan and Taylor. Now I had never met Ethan or Taylor but I've known Nancy since the 6th grade! At one time (and maybe still) we could finish each others sentences. She got married, had a couple precious boys, moved away to SC and recently moved back. Through change, whether large or small, Nancy has remained Nancy. And that makes me happy. 
Welcome back to PA Nay!

Her handsome boys seemed to warm up to me quickly!
Well maybe not - I had to chase them around like a maniac first...

Taylor ripping his bicycle - this kid can MOVE, bike or no bike

Momma Love!

Ethan - How suave is this kid?

They spent a lot of time playing in Mommy's Car

My awesome friend Nancy! ...lit beautifully by the sun.

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  1. They look amazing TommyBoy! You are such an amazing and talented photographer! <3 ya