Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PROM TIME - Liz & Oz 5-20-11

It's that time of year... the time that senior girls dream about since day one of walking into high school, SENIOR PROM TIME! I have known the Cardin family for quite some time and they are a great bunch. Let me repeat that - they are a GREAT bunch!!! Liz, the beautiful young girl shown below has some of the coolest parents around. They go above and beyond for their kids and their kids friends. If you are not friends with either Liz or Esther Cardin, I suggest you befriend them now!!! haha

I ran into Todd and Emily (her parents) at Acme months ago, we talked for quite some time and the conversation ended with them asking if I would be interested in photographing their daughter's prom.  But of course! Who was the lucky chap who accompanied Liz? Chris Oz is his name and he's one funny guy! They have been dating for a bit and they LIGHT UP around each other. Aren't they cute?

Liz & Oz, you guys looked fabulous! Hope you had a blast!

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