Monday, May 30, 2011

The Family that Feeds the Photographer 5-28-11

Happy Holiday weekend everyone! 
Can you believe Memorial Day came and went already?

This weekend was choc' full of fun, photos, food and 90-degree weather. I had two family portrait sessions this weekend and both groups were awesome to work with! Saturday I went to a birthday party for my good friend Nancy's (see earlier post The Mitchell Boys) grandmother. I believe it was a let's celebrate being an awesome family party as well!!! I should mention again that I have known Nancy since the sixth grade. That's almost TWENTY years. Holy guacamole! I guess time flies when you're getting old. (I am of course referring to myself, not you Nancy). Nancy has just recently returned to the area so I got to meet her husband, Steffan, for the first time. I had heard a lot of good things about him and it was great to meet him. 

Besides getting a group shot of everyone they wanted me to grab some candid shots, relax and have a good time. So much so, that at one point Nancy's mom told me I was off the put my camera away, grab a beer, relax and join them for dinner. Uhhhm, twist my arm? Really no arm twisting required, you had me at dinner.

In all seriousness, it was an extremely nice gesture. I was hungry, the food was fantastic and they made me feel right at home. I really appreciated it. Thank you again. 

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Stay Classy

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