Monday, June 20, 2011

Valley Forge Love, Chuck and Eileen 6-19-11

Over the last year photography has really opened my eyes, passions and heart to things in a new and different perspective. This weekend was no exception - I witnessed and captured two people, truly in love... through the lens of my camera.  

Chuck and Eileen wanted to get their engagement (or should I say, look everyone WE ARE IN LOVE!!!) pictures at a place special to them, Valley Forge park. Ironically like the last Valley Forge blogpost, Chuck proposed to Eileen at Valley Forge Park. Even more Ironic? On the SAME EXACT hill. As mentioned in previous posts, I do not get tired of this place!!!! 

We met up at the Chapel Sunday evening about 5:00 pm. When I had first met Chuck and Eileen to discuss photographing their wedding, I knew they were a special couple. As they walked toward me on this day they exuded happiness, enjoyment in each other, and all around love. I was excited to photograph them!

They were naturals in front of the camera. 
Once these two lovebirds locked lips, there was no stopping them and I didn't. 
I just kept clicking....

Chuck and Eileen, I look forward to witnessing and capturing more love on your wedding day!

~Stay Classy

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  1. It's all about lighting! These photos made me smile. Sweet in every sense of the word ;)