Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Flowers, Philly, fun...with FILM! 2-18-12

This weekend I didn't have any shoots lined up and the weather was particularly mild for a winter February day...what to do, what to do? I like to stay proactive and also challenge myself when it comes to photography. Some of you may not know this but i've only really been into photography and shooting for a year and a half.

I took a photography class back in the sixth grade but it wasn't until late August of 2010 that I purchased my first DSLR.. and rapidly I fell head over heels in love with photography. It fascinates me and I want to learn, study and experiment in all facets of it. After purchasing that first DSLR I decided to pick up a film camera, which can be had quite inexpensively since the digital camera has evolved. My idea at the time was I would shoot film to really understand photography and also appreciate where it came from. But the film camera sat there all alone until this weekend.

My girlfriend Jess and I decided to head to the Art Museum because of the beautiful day. I've been giving her a few lessons with a DSLR and she's been doing great! I'm really impressed with her approach and studies. Was such a FUN day and I'm glad we can share something I enjoy so much, together.

Part of me was scared if I'm being honest. Nothing to fear really, but it does force you to stop and really think about the light you are in to expose properly. Of course the same goes for digital but you also have instant gratification in the form of an LCD screen. While shooting I found myself checking the back of the screen out of habit but nothing was there!

Tinkering with film was a BLAST!  I was anxious to get the one 24-exposure roll I shot developed to see the results. All in all I am pleased with my first roll of film, it has a certain softness and feel to it that digital doesn't have and it's not always predictable. I can see why there are purists who still love film.

I've met some really good people along the way of my photography journey. I am extremely grateful to have reached out to M2 Photography early on and have had some great mentoring, support and opportunities with them... but more importantly, have made 2 great friends. Michael and Melissa - thanks for the inspiration, all you have showed me, all that you have done and continue to do for me.

There will be more experimenting with film in the near future!
On with some pics....

My beast, the Nikon N6006 on left is the only shot in this post taken digitally.
At right: Flowers for my lovely valentine, shot included 2 off-camera flashes
and were the first 3 I took on the roll.

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