Sunday, May 19, 2013

Brynn & Todd - A Valley Green Engagement Shoot 5-4-13

Spring is here, love is in the air and my wedding season has officially started! Expect to see a lot more popping up on the blog (or on the new website that is coming), including quite a few engagement shoots. Do I need to go into why I love engagement shoots again? OK, I will, very quickly... I get to know you more and you get know me more. You get to know how I work and I get to know how WE work. It's a practice run for the big day!

Meet Brynn, Todd and Camillo. I met them shortly before I shot Todd's brother, Tim and Cara's wedding last October.
I went to high school with Tim's wife, Cara. Confused? Don't be.

Brynn and Todd wanted to include Todd's son, Camillo, for the first part of the engagement shoot since he is A. Such a HAM in front of the camera and B. He is such an important part of their lives. I remember Camillo following us at his Uncle Tim's wedding, documenting the day with the cameras that were left on the guests' tables. I see a photographer in the making!

We started out at the Valley Green Inn. For those that don't know, it is a restaurant in the middle of the woods in Wissahickon Park. They also host weddings and were hosting one along the creek when we arrived. We shot around with Camillo for the first half hour, then left him with grandmom for the next hour exploring the area nearby.

Assisting me again was my wonderful fiance Jessica, who did a great job!
You'll see some of her pics below.

Brynn, Todd and Camillo, thanks for spending the early afternoon with us...can't wait for June 29th!
On with some pics...

Told you he was a HAM!

Jess captured the pic on the right, such a tender moment.

Pic above by Jess.

Pic on left and right by Jess.

Love this candid Jess caught of Todd looking cool, calm and collected.

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