Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Orsi & Rich - Love & Art 7-31-11

This past sizzling hot weekend I had the pleasure to photograph two very special people, Orsi (Or-shee) and Rich. Orsi has been a long time friend of my sister Lisa. I also attended school with her sister. Needless to say, I was absolutely delighted when she inquired about photographing their wedding!!!

Orsi and Rich exude happiness and their love for one another is quite apparent. Each and every time I see them they are wearing gigantic "we love each other" smiles. I also must mention just how super-talented this love team is -  both are Architects and artists of many forms: both enjoy painting, she is a skilled photographer herself (click here) and I found out in a picture from this shoot that he has his own line of watches sold online and in select retail stores on the East Coast. Really nice watches! (click here). I learn something from photography everyday. :-)

They picked a spot very dear to them for the engagement shoot...the place where Rich had popped the big question, right around the corner from the Constitution Center. GREAT space to shoot around! Assisting me again was my talented and pretty lady Maria who had a camera in hand and creative ideas all day long. She was fun to have along and a big help. (featured shots below)

I could go on and on about how great, genuine, interesting and talented that Orsi and Rich great they are for each honored I am to be shooting their wedding on October 8, 2011 at the William Penn Inn... but I think it's time to share some pictures from the shoot...

I started clicking right away. The photo on the left was taken while they walked up to meet us...
can you feel the love already? 

The spot where Rich proposed... did NOT feel like a reenactment whatsoever.

Just a side note: Both Orsi and Rich were wearing Cunningham (Rich's last name) timewear watches during the shoot. VERY nice watches.

Below are a few featured images from Maria's camera. She hasn't been in it for very long but has listened to me babble for the last year...I think she's well on her way!! What do you think?

Orsi and Rich - I look forward to celebrating and capturing your wedding day!

~Stay Classy folks

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