Saturday, September 10, 2011

CRAVEGIRL Clothing Test Shoot 9-4-11

About a month ago I answered a cragslist ad seeking fashion photography. I had been thinking for a while, that it might be a fun area to venture into and have kept my eyes open for any opportunities. I stumbled upon the ad and decided to go for it. I want to dip my feet into all areas of photography and see what I enjoy most. I'll pretty much shoot's good practice and I learn something new from every single shoot. There's always a challenge and the fun for me, is finding the solution.

I met with sisters Nafeesa and Saniyyah a couple weeks back to discuss the opportunity in further detail. The name of their clothing brand is CraveGirl and I Crave Vintage. These girls have amazing passion, vision and determination. We hit it off rather well and I was excited to work with them to see what might progress. "What Next?" asked Nafeesa and I suggested a test shoot. We shot in a schoolyard down the street from their place. I wanted a low key location because I figured four models, a couple directors, a makeup artist and a bunch of photog gear would surely stir up some attention and I didn't want to risk getting kicked out of somewhere.

The shoot was a ton of fun! I was really impressed with the girls professionalism and cooperation. They were a wonderful bunch to work with and I hope to work with them again in the near future. 

On with some pics...

During our initial meeting I brought up that I am a graphic designer by trade. The girls contacted me and asked if I could put together a double-sided postcard/business card quickly to hand out at a show in NY this sunday. Below is one example of the cards I gave them (front and back). I will be working on logos for them in the near future but this was a rush job and I wanted them to have something to hand out...

~Stay Classy Friends


  1. Great job, every shoot is even better than the one before, unbelievable!
    Sweet idea on the urban location. I like the stripped down feeling juxtaposed with the exuberant colors and textures, without it being too 'gritty'. Kudos for capturing the girls' beautiful and fun fashion sense. My personal favorite is the the fifth shot from the top - the one where she is leaning out, holding on to the post with the hat with flower on. Nice postcard too. Way to go, good idea to venture into other realms.

  2. Thanks Deanna! I greatly appreciate the detailed feedback. I processed these pics a little differently to go for a fun, fashion feel. Glad you don't think they got too gritty (I was afraid of that). Shocker on your personal fave, almost didn't include that one! Thanks again and will let you know soon about our shoot.

  3. I thought you did a great job as well. Such bright fashion colors. You really brought out the 'fun' of the clothes in the shots. Love the one where the model is sitting on the pink ball/chair. That photo could easily be an advertisement by just slapping their logo on it. Your also getting better at the whole art direction thing, you posed the girls great on the swing set shot, love the detail of the one girl blowing the bubble, really ads a lot to the photo making it fun like the clothes. Keep up the good work, and keep shooting, it's the only way to keep growing as a photographer, and you NEVER want to stop growing!!!